Armin van Buuren to teach dance music online through MasterClass

A very spcecial announcement was made yesterday by MasterClass, the premier online education platform that provides online classes taught by renowned instructors. Dutch trancemaster Armin van Buuren will teach his first ever online class on how to produce dance music via the platform, with courses to start in early 2018. Through the masterclass, van Buuren will share his views on what it takes to become an established DJ/producer in today’s ever-changing dance music business.

With over 20 years of experience in the dance music industry under his belt, Armin van Buuren is probably one of the best possible teachers in the scene. Hard work, dedication and enthousiasm for music (trance in particular) paved the way for him to become world’s #1 DJ five times already. Throughout the years, van Buuren has collaborated many times with fellow Dutchman and legendary record producer Benno de Goeij, who he also works with on their mutual side-project Gaia. De Goeij will also play a part in the online courses, as the pair will provide a look into the creative and technical process of producing a track from scratch.

Armin van Buuren is very excited about his collaboration with MasterClass:

“Nowadays, to be a successful artist and DJ, it’s not enough to just know how to spin records. If you want to stand out, you need to make your own records, write music, and make remixes and mashups for your DJ sets. I’m truly excited to share my passion for producing music and DJing in my MasterClass. It’s the first time I get to show you my secrets and tips, and everything I’ve learned in my twenty years in this business.”

Enrollment in the class costs $90, or $180 per year for unlimited access to all new and existing MasterClasses with the All-Access Pass. Each enrollment option can also be given as a gift. Watch Armin van Buuren’s trailer about his online music production masterclass below and be sure to pre-enroll right here.