Lane 8 - Root2BranchVol2

Lane 8 – Root to Branch, Vol. 2

Anjunadeep resident and Colorado-based producer and DJ Lane 8 has just released a new compilation album ‘Root to Branch, Vol. 2’ through his label This Never Happened. The compilation features a collaboration with Avoure as well as tracks from Solanca and Enamour. The six-track album really takes the listener on a journey and showcases each producer’s ability to intricately combine deep sounds and elements with beautiful melodies and progression. Starting with a powerful melodic and vocal track ‘Let Me’, the album explores some deeper vibes with Avoure’s ‘Voile’ and more progressive ones on Enamour’s ‘Still Life’ and ‘Soul Release’. Solanca is successfully able to combine both deep and melodic vibes to close off the album through the masterful use of plucks and progressing pads on ‘Great Belt’ and ‘Belladonna’.

Lane 8’s label, This Never Happened is also associated with a series of live, co-branded shows of the same name, where fans are prohibited from using mobile phones to create a unique experience for everyone.

This is what Lane 8 had to say in a recent interview with Edmtunes about how his career took off:

When I first started making my seasonal mixtapes, I was just hunting for the best possible music I could find on the internet. I had little profile, so nobody bothered to send me their demos or upcoming music from their labels. My only option was to work with music I could buy online, and i tried to find stuff that moved me emotionally but wasn’t always necessarily the most popular track of the moment. I remember the feeling of hearing the magician play my first ever lane 8 track in his legendary magic tape series like it was yesterday. I couldn’t stop smiling for about a week! I kept replaying the mix over and over again, not fully believing or comprehending what was happening. Not long after, Jody Wisternoff started playing my music in his mixes, I signed to Anjunadeep, and then things started really taking off for me. As my profile has grown over the years, more and more artists have sent their music to me, in hopes that i would play it in my seasonal mixtapes. As my mixtapes have become more popular, the artists whose tracks I do play tend to write me afterwards to say how much it means to them that I support their music. It all reminds me of the feeling i had when i first heard my song in that magic tape. i think it’s time for me to give that same feeling to artists, to give their music that support that meant so much to me a few years ago.

The future is looking as bright as ever for Lane 8 as he continues to impress fans with high-quality releases.

You can stream and download ‘Root to Branch, Vol. 2’ here, or listen on SoundCloud below.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.