Pendulum hints at official release of Skrillex’s remix of ‘The Island Pt. 1’

Fans of the iconic drum & bass act Pendulum have plenty of reasons to be excited these days. After six years of silence, the group announced their return to the music scene earlier this year, immediately followed by the news of a tour and a new album titled ‘The Reworks’. The release date of the album is set for June 29, but with June now rapidly approaching, more and more details of Pendulum’s forthcoming remix album start to surface.

So far, three brand new remixes to be featured on ‘The Reworks’ have been released and yesterday all Pendulum fans learned that a 4th one – by none other than Skrillex – is definitely on the way! Lots of music fans already knew that a remix of ‘The Island Pt. 1’ by the American dubstep producer existed, but it wasn’t certain whether it would ever be officially released. The first signs of a Skrillex remix in the making appeared in early March – when Ekali first played it during a show in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t until last week, when Pegboard Nerds included Skrillex’s remix in their EDC Las Vegas set, that fans really became ecstatic.

Skrillex’s interpretation of ‘The Island Pt. 1’ includes less of his signature dubstep sound then one would maybe expect, but it nicely blends in some future bass elements while keeping Rob Swire’s recognizable vocals in place. Both Skrillex and Pendulum fans will surely appreciate the result, which will be the 4th release on ‘The Reworks’ following the Icarus remix of ‘Tarantula’, Knife Party‘s version of ‘Blood Sugar’ and Noisia‘s interpretation of ‘Hold Your Colour’.

Besides these 4 new remixes, the ‘The Reworks’ album will also contain remixes from DJ Seinfeld, Moby, Knife Party, and ATTLAS. Meanwhile, Pendulum kicked off their tour in April with a massive performance at London’s ‘Printworks’ venue and the band will also play in the US, Ibiza and Australia in the coming months.

Check out Pendulum’s tweet from yesterday, hinting towards the official Skrillex remix of ‘The Island Pt.1’ and watch a clip of Skrillex’s remix below.