Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dancing Alone

Coming as the duo’s first original release of 2018, Axwell & Ingrosso might have just delivered the tune of the summer with English singer/songwriter RØMANS. With a massive summer tour in the works that includes locations all over the globe, the vibes of “Dancing Alone” are well on their way to infecting house lovers everywhere. Since the eminent return of SHM in March, the duo have been in the spotlight heavily as fans and media eagerly await any move that points towards anymore activity.

“Dancing Alone” first popped up as an ID during a show in Mexico back in May. The melodic nature of the track coupled with the irresistible groove and catchy vocals screamed that it was by Axwell & Ingrosso. At the time, the duo had two ID’s cooking. “Dancing Alone” and their galactic intro track they have been using to open their sets with. The track contains fiery saw plucks that are reminiscent of certain elements pioneered by Euro House tribal producer Safri Duo. RØMANS made it big back in 2015 with his hit “Uh Huh”. The singer has an act for big room, zesty vocals that pair perfectly with the explosive beats proctored by Swedish masterminds Axwell & Ingrosso.

Featuring early 2000’s Paris Hilton on the cover art, the track just might represent the Swedes tipping their hat to the early house vibes of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Ever since their “More Than You Know EP” released this time last year, the dynamic duo have been pushing their sound and brand further and further into the conscious of mainstream pop music consumers. With the prowess and appeal we know and love, Axwell & Ingrosso together with RØMANS  have garnered the sound of early 90’s rave culture and infused it with the hottest styles of today.

Get ready for the summer of “Dancing Alone”! Released on Refune Music, out now!