DJ Hanzel Interviews Alesso

Dillon Francis has time and time again confirmed he is more than just an incredible DJ and producer but also a great personality with a great sense of humour and sense of entertainment. The California-based producer has been posting funny videos on his social media accounts for years and also released some amusing music videos for his tracks. Most recently the fan favourite and hilarious DJ Hanzel interviews have made a comeback to the Dillon Francis’ YouTube channel. Most recently, he posted a directors cut of his interview with Swedish DJ and producer Alesso.

Dillon Francis’ performance is hilarious as he is able to remain in his DJ Hanzel character almost effortlessly while making fun of Alesso by calling him ‘Alasso’ and asking questions like:

“Why do you make music if you’re so beautiful”

Alesso, who recently celebrated his breakout ‘Pressure’ remix turning 7 years old, has been in the news recently following more collaboration speculation again with a recent social media post. In the post, he mentions Ryan Tedder. For those who don’t know, Tedder is an American singer from the band One Republic. In 2013, Alesso released a historic remix of One Republic’s “If I Lose Myself” which went on to be highly successful on the charts as well as across the radio-waves. Also, just two months ago, Alesso posted on his Instagram that he and Ingrosso had some surprises coming up this summer. It seems this project has been coming to fruition throughout the past few months. Fans have speculated over whether they think the track will be more on the future bass side of things, or more lenient towards progressive house. Recently, an audio clip surfaced online, showcasing a track which is rumoured to be the long-awaited collaboration.

You can watch the full interview on Youtube below.


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