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If you are listening to electronic dance music on a regular basis, then you know that, after some time, you become pretty familiar with all the different genres and how they sound like. Therefore, it is always great to see when some producers go in a different direction by mixing up different genres into something new and unique. Especially, when it also contains elements of non-electronic music. We saw how amazing live music elements can sound like quite some time now. ODESZA is a famous example of it, as well as Hardwell with his newest single ‘Conquerors’, which features elements of a live orchestra. And now, the newcomer producer Swonk from the United States of America did exactly this – with his track ‘Kicking Pavement’.

When listening to the beginning of the track one could easily think that you are sitting in a Jazz café in New Orleans listening to a saxophone solo instead of an EDM track. This amazing jazzy vibe continues through the whole track, making it extra special and unique.  After the monumental intro, the track transforms into a chill trap track, that is accompanied by beautiful vocals, courtesy of David Mason. The best part unfolds in the last quarter of the track when bass -filled synthesizers kick in, giving it that little extra push. For, what seems to be, the first official release of Swonk ‘Kicking Pavement’ is an amazing and unique premiere.

It is going to be interesting to see what the US-boy from Houston has in store for his upcoming releases. If you want to download the stunning ‘Kicking Pavement’, so that you can listen to it whenever you like, you can do that for free! If Swonk continues to release music on that level, we surely will see him on festivals around the world soon. For now, check out his single ‘Kicking Pavement’ below!

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