Zedd’s sensational track ‘Spectrum’ featuring Matthew Koma turns 6 years old

It feels somewhat like every banger from 2011-2014 is hitting its release anniversary recently. Axwell‘s ‘Center Of The Universe‘ hit 5 years, ‘Reload‘ (vocal version) from Sebastian Ingrosso achieved the same feat, and Third Party‘s ‘Everyday Of My Life‘ celebrated 4 years: three tracks that in their own rights changed perceptions and inspired new producers to pursue their dreams and drive for success. One track that is well established within this strong group is Zedd‘s monumental track ‘Spectrum‘, which turns 6 years old this week.

Landing back in 2012, ‘Spectrum‘ was the second single to drop from the Russian-German producer’s debut album Clarity, which had huge success through the track that held the same name. Released on Interscope Records, who boast the likes of Eminem and Lady Gaga amongst other hugely successful artists, the album received incredible responses and pushed Anton Zaslavski’s ever-evolving career to new heights. ‘Spectrum‘ truly led the way on the album, with Zaslavski’s collection of tracks on the album resulting in additional successful releases. ‘Clarity‘ was released a few months later and is one of the producer’s defining track, along with ‘Stay The Night. The main thing in common between ‘Spectrum‘ and ‘Clarity‘ – other than Zedd of course – was the vocal involvement from Matthew Koma. Helping Zedd to write each track as well as providing the main vocal on ‘Spectrum‘, Koma’s iconic voice has made him one of the biggest vocalists in electronic music. Coupling Koma’s soothing vocals, which develop with energy and passion as the track progresses, alongside Zaslavski’s impeccable instrumental, ‘Spectrum‘ was born into the world and remains one of the biggest tracks in dance music’s recent history.

With a change in genre over the last couple of years, its unlikely that you’ll hear a ‘Spectrum 2.0’ anytime in the near future. However, with the quality that Zedd possesses and exposes in every release, you never know what the producer can do. His ability to work with a number of genre’s and create something spectacular is what gave him such a large fanbase, that continues to grow around 8 years on from his early works.

Relive Zedd’s classic track ‘Spectrum‘ here:

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