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DJ Snake releases soothing tropical track ‘Maradona Riddim’

Producer of some of the biggest tracks ever: a pretty sweet title. Working on tracks like ‘Lean On‘ with Major Lazer, ‘Turn Down For What‘ with Lil Jon, and ‘Get Low‘ with Dillon Francis, DJ Snake‘s impeccable rise to fame hasn’t come without plenty of ammunition in his track collection. A specialist in creating huge tracks, William Sami Étienne Grigahcine has an incredible blend of heavy hitting bangers for the main stage sets, or more laid back tracks, but whatever the vibe, he always manages the smash the final product. The French multi-genre connoisseur is back with his new track ‘Maradona Riddim‘, which is out now.

DJ Snake takes a different approach on this track to some of his recent works such as Let’s Get Ill, a collaboration with his fellow countryman Mercer, and Gassed Up with Jauz. Hitting the tropical vibes, the track truly ignites that summer fantasy of sipping cocktails on a beach in the sun, and the rhythmic drums crossed with Niniola‘s soothing vocals bring that image to life. Though DJ Snake is known for having a vast collection of bass-drop orientated tracks, this production veers away from the somewhat typical sound you may expect from the Parisian producer. The 32-year-old continues to defy the expectations set by fans, testing different genre’s and exploring new sounds to create yet another masterpiece in ‘Maradona Riddim‘. His impressive catalogue has set him apart from so many other producers, and it is no surprise that he is booked on almost every festival main stage worldwide. The ability to consistently produce tracks of such high quality is certainly not unnoticed, and his continuous rise looks set to unfold for many more years, with the next step being his upcoming album.

Check out DJ Snake’s brand new track ‘Maradona Riddim‘ featuring the phenomenal vocals of Niniola, and explore this new tropical avenue that DJ Snake takes you on with the track:

20 year old electronic music lover from the UK. Following all things progressive house, groove, and trance. Aspiring DJ/producer, and prog house nerd #ProgIsAlive

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