Live: Otto Knows bringing progressive vibes to Tomorrowland’s Freedom stage

Sweden is renowned for producing some of the worlds best DJs and producers, including the sensational Otto Knows who continues to dominate the electronic dance music scene with his own unique style. Widely known for his iconic track ‘Million Voices’, Otto has continued to consistently produce music like ‘Back Where I Belong‘ in collaboration with his good friend Avicii, Embracing much more than just the music but encouraging emotions and feelings.

Otto Knows is currently performing on the Tomorrowland Freedom Stage hosted by Budweiser and following Garmiani’s energetic set. The rest of the day will see performances from the likes of Salvatore GanacciSebastian Ingrosso, Alesso and Virtual Self before handing over the stage closing duties to legendary DJ and producer Fatboy Slim. Be sure to tune in with the livestream to hear these incredibly talented artists perform at one of the world’s most iconic festival.

Otto’Knows is set to infuse both emotion shared by the DJ and the crowd, but also the passion the music producer puts into each and every performance he plays. You can watch the stream on Tomorrowland’s website via the link below.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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