Zedd to release new single ‘Happy Now’ featuring Elley Duhé

Always a constant source of delightful music and the seamless ability to string together a charming set of tracks at the biggest stages, Grammy winning producer, multi-instrumentalist and world-renowned DJ Zedd has certainly been one of those who have relished being at the forefront of Dance music’s rise to the mainstream. With hits such as ‘Clarity‘ and ‘Spectrum‘ celebrating more than half a decade since their respective releases, there is no doubt that Zedd is a masterful craftsman when at ease behind the production desk. And it was from that very desk that he recently previewed a snippet on his instagram hinting at a new release.

Now revealed as a track titled ‘Happy Now’, Zedd has scheduled the release of the track for the middle of the coming week. Featuring Alabama born singer/songwriter Elley Duhé, ‘Happy Now’ is an upbeat production and showcases a marked return for Zedd to his classic ‘revving’ bass that was so very central to the success of his early releases. Coupled with euphoric vocals from Elley Duhé, the German artist is surely on the lookout to turn this next release into one of those unforgettable hits – which seems more probable as fan support and hype for the track seems higher than ever.

For more news on Zedd and his latest releases, follow our coverage here. Check out the live premiere of ‘Happy Now’ below!

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