Marshmello dominates first stage of American Ninja Warrior

Electronic sensation Marshmello, notoriously known by electronic dance music fans for his iconic marshmallow helmet, continues his adventure as one of the most unique artists the music industry has to offer. Aside from being the masked mogul, the DJ has been enjoying bundles of success such as his most recent production, ‘Happier‘, an original production with talented pop-band Bastille which proved its worth among fans alike. The track has clocked near 60 million plays on Spotify to date. But the ‘Alone‘ star has made a name for himself outside the industry demonstrating that he is cable of more than just producing music.

The Mellogang may recall at the start of summer, Marshmello participated in the current smash-hit game Fortnite at E3 playing alongside gaming icon Ninja. He even played against fellow music producer Dillon Francis. Well lately – and we promise there is no ninja theme here – Marshmello has appeared on American television show Ninja Warrior. Yes, believe it or not, the DJ switched out the decks for rope swings and wall climbs. In fact, Marshmello absolutely smashes the first stage of the course that is known for testing durability, strength, and stamina of each contestant that dares to scale its assault course.

Ok ok, we’re taking this feat with a pinch of salt. For all we know it could be anyone under the mask, perhaps a Ninja Warrior seasoned vet to be exact as fans have already speculated as to whether or not the real DJ actually did take part. None the less, congratulations on destroying the Ninja Warrior course in style. Check out Marshmello’s post below.