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Martin Garrix debuts S3:E3 of The Martin Garrix Show

Debuting season 3 of his, The Martin Garrix Show just weeks ago, we get yet another inside look into Martin’s everyday life. On this episode, the youthful superstar takes us through a recap of his show for BigCityBeats World Club Dome in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. We get a little taste of every emotion from Martin and his team, stress, nervousness, but most of all euphoria. Watching such a massive show take place from the other side of the decks is almost unbelievable. Even Martin catalogs his initial thoughts before the show saying,

“I expect a lot – it’s crazy… like 37,000 people, I brought my friends Jimmy and Jordan…of course Justin Mylo, Brooks, it’s going to be a fun, we’re gonna have a great night.”

In the end, Martin’s statement held absolutely true. The show looked to be a blast and a massive success despite the initial worries and song cuts due to the pyrotechnic limitations. Between Martin’s hunt for hair wax, mini German lessons, child locking doors and massive team birthday celebration toward the end of the episode, it’s certainly a spectacle to take in. Join Martin Garrix on his World Club Dome journey and check out episode 3 of the third season of The Martin Garrix Show below: