Steve Angello

Relive Steve Angello’s powerful set from Malmöfestivalen 2018

The man Steve Angello delivered a fiery set in Sweden for his charity set during Malmöfestivalen 2018. Weeks ago, fans and artists were blown away by the incredible speech the Swede gave. A set in ones home country always gives the show something extra special, whether it be the speeches in his native tongue, or the insane energy from the crowd, it is always extra special. The show was unique for many reasons,  one of the most awe inspiring is the fact Angello played for the largest audience the festival has seen at a staggering 28,000 people.

 According to Swedish mediaSteve Angello will donate all the proceeds from the gig at the Malmö Festival to social initiatives conducted in Malmö. In particular, the focus will be on those with diabetes and young people. In his own style, Angello played mainly his own tracks and old jams from the Swedish House Mafia days. Blasting through edits of “SLVR“, “Antidote“, and “Save The World“, the maestro kept it classy start to finish. The intro Steve kicked off with can be described as truly mind blowing. As “Rejoice” built up into his swanky “Knas“, Angello got the crowd right where they needed to be.

Steve Angello has an act for being a down to earth, erudite, and passionate performer. He gave a speech full of strong messages and emotional moments. Perhaps one of the most powerful moments was when he stopped speaking and a mashup of “Payback” and “Reload” rang out. Two songs of this caliber can only be more incredible when mashed up together. With a crazy crowd response and electrifying visuals, this moment was one of his finest. As is tradition, Angello played many records from his label, SIZE and found mesmerizing ways to combine them with classics. His mashup of “Don’t You Worry Child” and Ravenkis “Stellar” proves this. Steve Angello’s last album “Human” was a deep exploration into his musical mind. As we are months into its existence, their are amazing remixes and reworks taking shape. In particular, Corey James has crafted up a lethal remix of “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” that has an amazing live response. One of the most amazing parts of his set is the ID Steve has with Still Young. The mysterious duo have caught Steve’s ear more than once and now it seems they have an epic collaboration in the works.

Catch this one of a kind set below!