Dirty South

Dirty South announces release date for his next album

Coming as super exciting news, Dirty South has unveiled the release date for his 4th album. Set to release on the 16th of November, his next album will be called “Darko“. For a few months now, fans have heard the news he was getting on crack on album number 4. In February of 2018, Dirty South dropped “XV“. The album was received well by fans and fellow producer/DJ’s and many were quick to call it one of his best. “Darko” has been kept under wraps for the most part. South is known for frequent sneak peek videos he posts on Facebook and Instagram that show what he has in the works, perhaps will we sill a bit before release!

So far, Dirty South has given us 3 albums, “Speed of Life“, “With You“, an “XV“. Overall, we have seen a steady progression in his sound and seen him collaborate with some amazing musicians. Known for his tracks “Unbreakable”, “Until The End”, and “How Soon is Now“, we can hope that “Darko” will contain many more gems.  Over the years, we have seen him travel the globe playing some of the hottest clubs and festivals, surely 2019 will contain some highlight events as well.

Looking back at “XV”, we can see how his sound has taken a deeper feel. Noted in his more tech house sounding jams, he is diversifying his discography all the while maintaining that signature touch. Want a refresher? Check out his last album below.