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He's one of the finest producers of the modern era, and now, Dirty South has published his latest livestream on YouTube so that fans can enjoy the splendour of the Aussie's virtual performance time and time again. Making a name for himself with huge hits like Alesso collaboration 'City of Dreams', and his remix of 'Sweet Disposition' alongside Axwell, Dirty

Legendary DJs & producers Dirty South and Alesso are responsible for several of the greatest tracks ever made, such as ‘Sweet Disposition’, 'Under Control', 'If I Lose Myself Remix' and 2013’s festival favorite, ‘City of Dreams’. These two are one of the most influential figures in modern dance music. 6 years back the collaborative effort of Alesso and Dirty South was released and soon

Iconic. Phenomenal. Breathtaking. Alessandro Lindblad is only 27 years old, but the aforementioned trio of words represent an impeccable career that has been packed with highs. For Alesso, it has been hit after hit, and the Swede's gigantic following is longing for something new to follow up the likes of 'Years', 'City Of Dreams', and 'Take My Breath Away'. Well, Alesso

Dirty South is one of the most innovative producers at work today. His discography features prominent collaborations and singles that went to cement his position in the scene as a true tastemaker. Travelling everywhere from sunny progressive house, to dark and gritty electro and tech, Dirty South is a fabled DJ who has played the world over. Coming as his

Dirty South drops some exciting news on twitter by announcing he is in the midst of road testing a brand new album. Dragan Roganović has released many albums over the years and is the mind behind some of dance musics most iconic hits. So far in his career he has released "Speed Of Life", "With You", and "XV". His last album was

A legendary producer responsible for several of the greatest tracks ever made, including his collaborative remix with Axwell, 'Sweet Disposition', and 2013's festival favourite, 'City of Dreams' with Alesso, Dirty South is one of the most influential figures in modern dance music. The producer, famed for huge anthems such as 'How Soon Is Now' with David Guetta and Sebastian Ingrosso,