Knife Party – Ghost Town (Preview)

Knife Party are back stronger than ever, and it seems we are getting ever closer to the release of some brand new music. After a banging remix of Pendulum‘s ‘Blood Sugar’ earlier this year, Knife Party member Rob Swire took to Reddit for an interesting AMA with fans. The highlight from the AMA was no doubt the confirmation that a new Knife Party EP is coming by the end of the year. More recently, they previewed “Knife Party’s first dubstep track in quite a while…” on their new podcast titled Knifecast.

In the latest episode of Knifecast fans were treated to yet another track which is in the works. This one completely different from the previous one as it is driven by some incredible melodies and beautiful sounds. Rob Swire’s vocals shine in the breakdown which slowly builds to an intense climax where all the melodies and harmonies are given space to shine. The track is, however, still a work in progress, as Rob Swire points out sections which still need work. As stated by the artist himself, it is definitely interesting for fans to take a peek behind the scenes of how a Knife Party track is made.

Knife Party have built up an impressive catalogue of releases which have seen success in various different genres. Unfortunately for fans, they have also built an equally impressive catalogue of unreleased music which fans have only been able to appreciate at live shows or via YouTube rips, the hope is that this track will be released officially after the necessary changes are made.

You can listen to the preview for ‘Ghost Town’ below.


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