Au/RA – Panic Room (Adam Sky Remix)

A hum-along track that completely captured radio waves across countries, the Camelphat duo & Spanish singer/songwriter Au/Ra‘s hit single ‘Panic Room‘ was assuredly one among the sensational releases of the year. For a track that amassed over a million views on YouTube and some 3 million odd streams on Soundcloud, being followed by a flurry of remixes was no new surprise. Joining that list of remixes is one from Australia born Singapore based DJ and producer Adam Sky, whose thumping rendition to the nimble standalone original from Au/Ra holds some promise. Plying his tricks and details onto the vocalist’s original track, Adam Sky transforms the soft single into a bombastic remix for the club dance floors.

The track begins with a solid bass foundation that lays the groundwork for much of what is to come across after the track’s break. As the vocals make their presence felt, the beat-work steadily carries the track across only to introduce us to floor-trembling build-up that leads to the unleashing of an infectious ‘drop’. A remix that does well to build upon the supple vocals from the ‘Darkside‘ singer, Adam Sky’s remix is a solid weapon for the clubs and dancefloors world over. And with Adam Sky’s personality – a DJ who is famous for tours and performances across the world, this remix will surely find itself at home in his catalogue.

You can check out more about Adam Sky here.

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