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Camelphat & Elderbrook, two of the most successful artists in the UK house scene, are celebrating the third year anniversary of his classic track 'Cola' after their massive release back in 2017 on Defected Records. Since the pair premiered their banger, the Brits have been escalating and growing in popularity as DJs and producers over the past years. Camelphat established themselves

It truly seems that UK duo CamelPhat can do no wrong right now. Bubbling under the surface of mainstream music for the best part of the past decade or two, producing massive hits like Axtone anthem 'Paradigm', it wasn't until 2017 that the pair went truly global, upon the release of their massive DEFECTED whopper 'Cola'.  The track, featuring Elderbrook on

A hum-along track that completely captured radio waves across countries, the Camelphat duo & Spanish singer/songwriter Au/Ra's hit single 'Panic Room' was assuredly one among the sensational releases of the year. For a track that amassed over a million views on YouTube and some 3 million odd streams on Soundcloud, being followed by a flurry of remixes was no new surprise. Joining