Dimitri Vegas

Dimitri Vegas releases video about how he became the voice of Spiderman

Normally, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are known for their energetic and powerful tracks and shows. The Tomorrowland resident DJs, who play on mainstages of the biggest festivals of the world are ending the year with a bang at the moment: The two Belgian brothers are ready for the second weekend of their annual Bringing The Madness show in Antwerp. Despite the huge success, the two are having with their music, both of them are not shy of trying out something new. Like Mike is making a solo album next to his project with his brother, currently on the second place of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. On the other side, Dimitri Vegas is focusing on something else than music as a side project: (Voice-) Acting. The 36 years old Belgian has had roles in movies such as ‘Ballers’ and ‘Gangsta’. Now, the DJ and producer has had the honor of voice acting Peter Parker for the new Spiderman Movie.

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse’ is, however, not an average live-action Marvel action movie, but an animated version of one of the world’s most famous superhero. For Dimitri, this fact made the voice acting for the Dutch version of the movie even more special and challenging:

Recording an animated movie is a unique thing, you have to give it your own spin, you have to feel the character. And you get lost in the process to bring it full circle. If you’d film me when I’m recording this stuff, that would be some funny footage.

He even took to his personal Instagram where he posted a video about the process of Dimitri Vegas becoming the Dutch voice of Peter Parker. You can definitely see, and hear, that it was a special “job” for Dimitri and you should check out the video he uploaded below!