Eric Prydz teases new music in the making in latest Tweet

Coming right from the sensational announcement that he will bring a brand new Holosphere show production to its world premiere during the two weekends of Tomorrowland this year, Eric Prydz has another great news for all of us! The producer mastermind from Sweden is not particularly known for releasing a lot of new music. In fact, his last release ‘Opus’ happened three years ago, in 2016. Now, Eric Prydz hinted on his Twitter account, that we maybe can expect some new music from the 42-year old.

However, it is not going to be an Eric Prydz original, but a remix. In the tweet, Prydz, correctly, stated, that it has been ‘a long time since his last remix’. His last remix dates all the way back to 2015, where he remixed ‘Tether’ by CHVRCHES. For whom he is doing his latest remix, for which song and IF he is even working on something remains a secret for now. All we can say is that is indeed time for some new Eric Prydz magic, especially after announcing his Holosphere show for Tomorrowland last week.

The former Swedish House Mafia member is known for his special and unique productions, both in terms of sets and music that he puts out and plays. The perfect mixture between progressive house, tech house and techno in combination with extraordinary lights and visuals makes an Eric Prydz set an unforgettable experience. Even more so because the Swede is known for not wanting his sets to be officially published on YouTube, to keep his shows special for new and returning listeners alike. Luckily, his last set at Tomorrowland’s stunning Atmosphere indoor stage is available on the festivals official channel.

Let’s hope that Prydz is actually working on a new remix that he then can play during his shows around the world!