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Eric Prydz made his mark on the dance music industry many years ago for his incredible house and techno productions, helping him build a massively loyal fan base around the world. While his spectacular productions are still the main attraction for fans of the Swedish producer, he has further grown his legacy with stunning visuals in recent years to accompany his

After releasing a brand new EP under his Pryda alias back in August, with the third of three dropping today, the legendary Eric Prydz is back in the news this week after he announced a brand new show coming up on New Years Eve alongside Cristoph. Prydz has confirmed he will be performing an extended set after midnight at Echostage in Washington DC, with tickets

After an unfortunate start into 2019, canceling all his Miami appearances, but delivering an incredible EDC performance in Las Vegas last month and leaving fans speechless with a phenomenal HOLO performance in London, Eric Prydz is back with the first of three PR(15)DA EP releases, which has gone straight to number 1 on Beatport's Top 10 releases charts! Eric's surprise announcement on his social media channels

These days, the name Eric Prydz is more closely associated with his jaw-dropping live shows, where events like EPIC, HOLO, and this summer - VOID - wow audiences with their holographic visuals and awe-inspiring laser beams. But away from his life as a DJ, Prydz has also amassed a sensational reputation as one of the finest dance music producers of all

Despite Armin van Buuren stepping up to perform an incredible extended set, fans all over the world were no doubt disappointed and concerned when Eric Prydz had to cancel his Ultra Miami 2019 performance due to an "acute medical condition". With the entire music industry wishing him a speedy recovery, the legendary DJ and producer is back with a new mysterious announcement. Known for his incredibly unique

Coming right from the sensational announcement that he will bring a brand new Holosphere show production to its world premiere during the two weekends of Tomorrowland this year, Eric Prydz has another great news for all of us! The producer mastermind from Sweden is not particularly known for releasing a lot of new music. In fact, his last release 'Opus' happened three years ago,

With each passing year, the level of talent across the electronic music industry consistently challenges previous standards set by the most elite music producers, as individuals push their production abilities to deliver the most innovative music yet. But as technology progresses and production values have now become just as important as the music, a handful of artists are changing the