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deadmau5 reveals details for upcoming ‘Cube 3.0’ stage design

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Between Eric Prydz, deadmau5, and Tomorrowland, you’ve got some pretty crazy stage designs going on. From HOLO to the Cube, Prydz and mau5 have led the way for individual artist production with their next generation technology pioneering the way production shapes a performance. The latter of the two – deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman – is set to take the Cube design to the next level, with what appears to be a list of programming details for Cube 3.0 revealed in a recent Reddit thread.

Zimmerman took to Reddit to explain details mainly around the rate at which the visuals run, detailing a staggering amount of big, big numbers, which is always good, right? Well, these numbers show the impeccable speed at which the new Cube will display images, and take production to an even higher level than previous designs, which some thought would never happen. The thread says:

Working on this monster for 6 months now and learning realtime rendering and OpenGL and other various GPU systems, my mind has been completely blown by how insanely fast GPU’s are. I’ve certainly gained a whole new respect for them.

Consider the following:

  1. It takes, on average, 3 to 7 milliseconds to generate a full 1920×1080 image. (one frame) of cube visual, depending on the internal complexity of the shader

  2. Each and every pixel of the 1920×1080 image runs through a shader (which is several hundreds of lines long). Thats 2,0736,00 executions of the shader (looping) every 3 milliseconds.

  3. on a 60hz monitor with VSync on, you only see a new image every 16.67ms so literally more than a third of those calculations are done just for the fuck of it, and not noticeable because your refresh rate would need to be higher.

  4. 1 second of cube 3.0 visuals runs at 60fps == 691,200,000 executions of 100+ lines of code per second. That’s probably close to 169,120,000,000 individual calculations per second.

169,120,000,000 calculations PER SECOND! You already know that if deadmau5 is playing near you, he is a must see! The Canadian producer is dropping in on major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Creamfields, so if they are nearby then slide on by and watch mau5 display this mega production to the world. For now, check out the most recent Cube production and get your hopes set high ready for the new instalment.

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