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Eric Prydz releases PRYDA 15 VOL I EP

After an unfortunate start into 2019, canceling all his Miami appearances, but delivering an incredible EDC performance in Las Vegas last month and leaving fans speechless with a phenomenal HOLO performance in London, Eric Prydz is back with the first of three PR(15)DA EP releases, which has gone straight to number 1 on Beatport’s Top 10 releases charts!

Eric’s surprise announcement on his social media channels in April – that there will be 3 EPs released in June, July and August under his alter-ego PRYDA – left fans speculating when the actual release will be. Now he finally delivered the first 6 track EP, out of 3 EPs in total.

The unmatched king of IDs dug into the PRYDA vault and is treating fans with some of the finest records listeners were waiting for. The first EP of PRYDA 15 consists of 6 tracks starting with ‘Illumination’, formerly known as ‘Epic Radio 16 ID’, ‘Moln’ (‘Taxi ID’), ‘Warrior’ and ‘Linked’, which had a name for some time now, ‘Dawn’, known as ‘Exchange ID 01’, and ‘New Eras’ (‘Epic Radio 006 ID’).

In addition to the new releases, Eric Prydz also announced that his HOLOSPHERE show, to be premiered at Tomorrowland next month, is actually going to be version 6.0 of his EPIC series. With this selection out now and EPIC 6.0 being announced, we’re eagerly awaiting the next 2 parts of PR(15)DA set to be released in July and August and what he has in store for EPIC.

Check out the EP below and let us know what you think. Were you one of the fans impatiently waiting for the release? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments. PRYDA 15 VOL I is available to stream or purchase on major platforms.

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