Flume announces new release for 2019 on Instagram

Flume is certainly a DJ and producer that we all like to follow closely, waiting anxiously for new releases and fortunately, the artist made a brief announcement on his Instagram, reassuring fans that new music is coming soon. It was in 2017 that Flume released the acclaimed album ‘Skin‘, which was succeeded by the EP ‘Skin Companion EP II‘ in 2018, but since then the Australian artist was missing from the charts, but that should end soon. In his Instagram post referring to 2019, Flume said: “Next year I’ll be back in your life. I promise”.

Flume is an awarded artist: Grammy Award winner, Songwriter of the year by APRA Awards and Solo Artist of the Year by GQ Australia in 2017, as well as having delivered memorable performances such as his latest Burning Man set back-to-back with Diplo and with such a number of accolades, it’s impossible not to get excited about the possibility of a new song. Still without a date, title or any other details announced, Flume’s new release, which could be a track, an EP or even an album, goes on in secret, but it is certainly very much anticipated by the artist’s fans.