Daft Punk classic ‘Aerodynamic’ turns 18 years old

Ask anyone about French duo Daft Punk and they’ll know the name. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are two people who helped shape the EDM industry into what it is today, gaining popularity in the late 1990’s  through the French House movement. With an impressive discography including ultimate classics such as “One More Time”“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “Around the World” to name a few and also composing the soundtrack to smash hit film Tron: Legacy, it’s clear to see why they are so loved by the world. On this day in 2001, Daft Punk birthed the iconic track “Aerodynamic”.

Released as a single from their beloved second studio album Discovery, this iconic track is the signature Daft Punk sound. Featuring electrifying guitar solos with a funk groove, “Aerodynamic” has a playful feel to it which is a reflection of the elements of music that the duo were into as children. With a heavily nostalgic vibe, this is a track made to be blasted out loud!

Commenting on the track, Thomas offered some insight;

“Some people might think that the guitar solos on ‘Aerodynamic’ are in bad taste, but for us, it’s all about being true to ourselves and not caring what other people would think. We really tried to include most of the things we liked as kids, and bring that sense of fun to it”

Take yourself on a journey to the past and watch the official music video for “Aerodynamic” below!

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