Anitta with Alesso – Get To Know Me

It has been a funny few years for Alesso. His listeners have given mixed reviews on the Swedish producer’s releases of late, as his commercial direction often came as an unwanted change from previous years. Alessandro Lindblad‘s name as Alesso was built upon anthemic progressive house, with tracks like ‘City Of Dreams‘ and ‘Years‘ projecting the Swede into the limelight. However, with ‘Remedy‘ and ‘Is That For Me‘, Alesso is certainly reaching into the chart locker to pluck out some commercial tracks, and push his name into the global spotlight. His latest release with Anitta titled ‘Get To Know Me‘ does just that, with Alesso joining the Brazilian for yet another collaboration.

26 year old Brazilian singer, actress, TV star, and just about anything ‘showbiz’ you can think of really… Anitta has it all going on. As well as being a hit sensation over in South America, her fame is spreading across to Europe with the help of Alesso, who is collaborating with her and producing some of her music. Their latest track ‘Get To Know Me‘ is anything but your typical Alesso track, and veers from the progressive style completely. Taking a commercial style on this one, the duo have teamed up yet again for what is set to be a chart topper, with the vocals of Anitta perfectly accompanying the instrumental laid down by the Swede.

Though this track is far from his Progresso Mixtape 1 work, but certainly works well in his favour on the commercial outreach front. Check out the track for yourself below.

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