Relive The Chainsmokers closing Ultra Miami 2019 performance

For the second consecutive year, The Chainsmokers had the honour of delivering the set to close down Ultra Music Festival, and for they delivered once again one of the most exciting and well-received performances of the entire festival. Over the past few years, The Chainsmokers have no doubt asserted themselves as one of the biggest acts in the entire music scene, charting with multiple record-breaking songs and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry.

2019 looks to be yet another year of greatness for the American duo, as they have already announced upcoming music in collaboration with Blink 182 and Juice WRLD as well as releasing a new song ‘Who Do You Love‘ with 5 Seconds Of Summer. Throughout their closing Ultra set, they also played an unprecedented 13 new songs and edits, including new upcoming tracks rumoured to be collaborations with the likes of GammerUNKWN and many others as well as plenty of their own IDs.

A highlight of the set was no doubt when The Chainsmokers brought Illenium up to the stage to premiere their new collaboration, sending the crowd crazy as the new song has the potential to become yet another chart smashing hit. The song combines a catchy vocal with both artists’ signature sounds. Throughout the set, The Chainsmokers demonstrated an incredible ability to keep the energy levels constantly high by mixing quickly between tracks without losing momentum or sounding abrupt, meaning they were able to play over 50 different songs in their 90-minute set.

Be sure to watch the full set on The Chainsmokers’ YouTube channel below and check out the official tracklist for this performance on 1001tracklists here.


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