TLUXX – Walking Over You

Based out of California, Los Angeles based DJ and producer TLUXX has been on the climb in the regional dance music space, releasing playful tunes for fans and entertaining us thoroughly with his crafty productions. Packing that extra bit of musical guile and donning an ear for a sumptuous tune, TLUXX has amassed a great following purely on the basis of his adeptness and ability behind the production desk. Last year saw us review two of his productions, ‘We Weren’t Born To Lose‘ featuring Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Brett Pemberton and ‘Electric Ecstasy‘, both of which received positive reviews – with emotional appeal and their versatility being key standout factors in both productions respectively.

And now, TLUXX is back on the charts with another impressive single titled ‘Walking Over You’. The LA based producer’s most recent offering allows him to showcase exactly why we have touted him as one of the more impressive producers in the game. He entwines club-oriented vocals with an ecstatic rhythm with great aplomb, in turn assuring that it will capture the crowds and listeners alike. With ‘Walking Over You’ featuring such an overpowering and upbeat drive, do not be surprised to find this hit prospect being dished out on speakers nearest to you. As for TLUXX, the track marks yet another solid production for his catalog and keeps his career’s steady progress afoot.

You can purchase ‘Walking Over You’ on iTunes here. Keep a track of TLUXX’s shows here.

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