Calvin Harris at Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019

Calvin Harris dethroned from his highest paid DJ spot on Forbes after 6 years

Earlier this week Forbes revealed its 2019 list for 100 Highest-Paid Entertainers in the world. The annual list includes actors, musicians, athletes, comedians, personalities, authors and one magician. The admission price for the list increases each year, this year it is set at $37.5 million, which is 7% higher than the year before. After 6 consecutive years, Calvin Harris has been dethroned from his highest paid DJ’s throne on Forbes list.

The world’s 100 highest-paid superstars clocked $6.3 billion in pretax earnings over the past 12 months.

The top 3 spots have been claimed by Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Kanye West, with their pretax earnings estimated around $185M, $170M and $150M. Only three EDM artists have been included in this years list, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris, who has been the highest paid DJ/producer on the Forbes list for 6 years straight, just got dethroned by both The Chainsmokers and Marshmello, with his pretax earnings for this year sitting around $38.5M, less than the previous years. The reason for that probably lies in his long festival hiatus, which will be ended this year with performances at Zurich Open Air, Switzerland, and Creamfields, UK.

The Chainsmokers took over the first spot of the highest paid DJs and producers, with $46M. They get booked all around the world and are touring 24/7 next to their deal with Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas, which guarantees them residencies in some of the best clubs of the world, so it’s no wonder their earnings are so high. Marshmello took the second spot with $40M pretax earnings, which is unsurprising following the signing of a 2-year residency with Kaos Nightclub, worth $60M, and the number of streams that his songs are getting. With the return of the Swedish House Mafia to the scene, Calvin’s return to touring, and many crossover collaborations between EDM stars and pop singers, who knows who can we expect on top in 2020!

Check out the full Forbes list of 100 Highest-Paid Entertainers in the world here.

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