Tchami – Rainforest

French DJ and producer and future house pioneer Tchami has had an incredible year so far in 2019. His sets have always been featured as the highlights of the festivals he attended, and he most recently was included in DJ Snake‘s new, chart-topping, album ‘Carte Balche’ with a massive collaboration together with Malaa. He was also part of the production team who created the soundtrack for Lady Gaga‘s advert for her new beauty product line.

His latest release ‘Rainforest’ is available now as a single on his label Confession, together with an accompanying music video. ‘Rainforest’ is a beautifully groovy tune which perfectly combines melodic elements with tight drum and percussive sounds to create a unique atmosphere which is pleasant to listen to whilst also being a weapon for live shows and festival performances.

The track is able to immediately capture the listener’s attention as you are thrown in headfirst into a unique sounding and infectious melody before smoothly transitioning into an equally catchy vocal section which sets up the main, clean sounding drop section, mainly built with an impeccable selection of percussion and a minimal lead on top.

The accompanying music video is also wonderfully produced, as it takes the viewer on a journey into the rainforest with the protagonists. ‘Rainforest’ is the perfect example of a simple yet effective track, which is able to extract the maximum value from the few elements which make up the song. Leaving no doubt that this is a record you can enjoy listening to over and over again in the coming weeks.

Be sure to follow Tchami on his social media to keep up to date with all his upcoming releases and tour announcements. Also, be sure to check out the official music video for ‘Rainforest’ via Tchami’s YouTube channel below.


Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.