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Earlier this summer, the French record producer Tchami surprised everyone releasing his summer tune 'Rainforest'. Besides having a great sound and production behind, this track was different from the material we had been listening from him. Now, a couple of months later, the one and only Valentino Khan has shown up to remix 'Rainforest' and leave his unique signature on

French DJ and producer and future house pioneer Tchami has had an incredible year so far in 2019. His sets have always been featured as the highlights of the festivals he attended, and he most recently was included in DJ Snake's new, chart-topping, album 'Carte Balche' with a massive collaboration together with Malaa. He was also part of the production team who created the soundtrack

When guests attend events at Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa this summer, they will have the opportunity to pay an optional 1€ to reserve and save 1sqm of Rainforest when purchasing tickets online. By using Satellite and Google Earth technology, each guest can redeem and zoom into their coordinates on the Cuipo Foundations Rainforest Preserve in Brazil. The Night League CEO &