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Armin van Buuren classic ‘Communication’ turns 21 years old

As we enter October, the timeless Armin Van Buuren classic “Communication” has reached its 21st anniversary.

In 1999 and a fresh-faced Armin van Buuren was beginning to find himself growing as a DJ and producer, exploring an innovative trance scene across the world. Following the release of “EP”, “Push” and the very successful “Blue Fear”, he had been back in the studio working on another track that was about to hit the big-time.

“Communication” was released on the 1st October 1999 on Cyber Records and became an instant hit with the Ibiza contingent. It also left its mark on the UK trance scene and even found its way into the UK singles charts at number 18. Armin capitalised on its success and added to the tracks potential, introducing “Communication Part I” in 2000 and “Communication Part II” in 2006. Since then, it has cemented itself as a firm favourite of the Dutchman’s fanbase and will surely continue for years come.

The track went on to feature on his accomplished debut studio album “76” which saw daylight 4 years later in 2003. The 13-strong tracklist featured other anthems “From The Heart” with Ferry Corsten, “Yet Another Day” with Ray Wilson and a 2003 rework of “Blue Fear”. 

Boasting 20 incredible years on the dance music scene, Armin Van Buuren continues to develop his sound and is aiming for even further success with his upcoming album “Balance”, due with us October 25th. Stay tuned to We Rave You as Armin continues to reveal a track from the album every week in the build-up to release! Until then, rewind with some old-school Armin van Buuren magic, listen to the legendary “Communication” below…


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