Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019

Ultra Music Festival Miami shares official statement of cancellation

Ultra Music Festival Miami, the event that thousands of people have been looking forward to, has sadly been cancelled. The official statement has now been released on their social media and of course, everyone is really sad about the news. The situation around the Coronavirus just keeps getting worse day by day and to cancel a gathering of 200,000 people is definitely a smart move by the organisers and the city of Miami. Commissioner Joe Carollo and Mayor Francis Suarez have been in discussions all week regarding the state of the event and reached the final decision – to cancel the event. But UMF is not the only festival, that has been shut down by the virus outbreak, Tomorrowland Winter, Ultra Abu Dhabi and several others have been forced to cancel or adjust the events to ensure the safety of the festival goers. Ultra have issued a statement regarding the ‘postponement’ of the festival to next year, effectively cancelling the 2020 edition.

Ultra Postpon

Above you can find the full official statement from Ultra that has just been shared. Of course the organisers have done everything that has been in their power in order to go through with the event, but of course risking the health of thousands of people just isn’t something that they would want to do. After a lot of bumps that they have encountered in the past few years, like moving to a different location in 2019, which resulted in chaos regarding the transportation and unhappy attendees, this year they were supposed to shine in all of their glory again, especially with relocating back to their favourite location – Bayfront Park, Miami.

It has been a sad week for the EDM community, but it only reminds us of how important health is and not to forget to take care of each other. Hopefully the Coronavirus outbreak will get contained soon and we will finally be able to start the 2020 festival season carefree!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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