Ahzee releases massively energetic track titled ‘Ridin’

Hailing from New York City, Ahzee has made a name for himself as a well established and talented producer. Gaining millions of views on his tracks across the biggest streaming platforms, world domination is within his reach and it’s not going to take him long at all to become a household name – something that is taking formation already. He’s shown his talents with his incredible remixes and also original productions, and his latest single is jaw dropping to say the least.

Straight away, ‘Ridin” wastes no time in getting right into the earth shattering beat, with enough fist pump-ability to instantly make you work up a sweat. This track is for the dancers within us, and it shows evidently within the drop which is full of layers upon layers of pure adrenaline. To say ‘Ridin” is a rush of energy is a complete understatement, and it’s impossible not to dance when this is playing out on the big speakers. To compliment the song, Ahzee put up a music video that is the perfect visual accompaniment to the track. Showing him performing to packed out clubs, it further proves his stardom and  creates a perfect party atmosphere at home to enjoy in these current times.

Lifting us all up in these tough times, you can always trust Ahzee to create a great atmosphere. Watch the official music video below and stream the track on your favourite streaming platforms here.


Image Credit: Ahzee (Press)

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