JOYRYDE shares immersive Jeep performance from Room Service livestream: Watch

Accelerating his way even further in the music industry, JOYRYDE is a true force who shows no signs of slowing down even during quarantine. After blessing his listeners with his 18-track masterpiece known as BRAVE,’ the amount of talent this bass-house connoisseur has is limitless. As the music scene continues to announce various live streams to further unite music lovers around the world, JOYRYDE was invited to play Room Service Music Festival hosted by The Nations. Unsurprisingly, thousands upon thousands of “RYDER” fans tuned into this epic show where the UK-native streamed his very show at a lone warehouse in Los Angeles. Driven to provide a audio and visual experience like no other, JOYRYDE has shared his eclectic set from the back of a Jeep and let us tell you it was truly amazing.

From bass-house classics such as ‘HARI KARI’ to his recent release known as “BROOKLYN,” JOYRYDE truly brought the RYDER cult to life with his immersive Jeep performance. Not to mention the amount of dance floor heaters mixed flawlessly from various producers such as Tchami, Chris Lake, Skrillex and more to initiate a solid groove in your living room. With a creative mind like no other, JOYRYDE shares: “I decided to do my idea for my set only a few days ago. I found tracks that fit the vibe of the setup. Warehouse, rave, underground, but my version of it. Watch it from anywhere you are.” Released on his official Youtube account, JOYRYDE has opened up the doors to a new take on live streaming but this time in a heavy-duty Jeep.

Push the pedal with JOYRYDE  and check out his full live-stream set below.


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