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Mike Posner reveals he holds unreleased Avicii music

When someone thinks about unreleased Avicii music, a great majority of people will think of ‘Stay With You’ featuring Mike Posner. Undoubtedly, the combination of Tim’s melodic sound and Posner’s soothing voice was a match made in heaven. The American artist took to Twitter to reveal that he has a number of unreleased, unfinished collaborations with Avicii.

We can help but wonder if these songs will ever get finished and released. The same way several songs from Avicii’s posthumous album ‘TIM‘ were completed by close musical friends. Their first public collaboration, ‘Stay With You‘ caused a stir among fans. At the time, the pop and EDM crossover was perfect, making the unreleased track to gain an insurmountable amount of hype. Unfortunately, Avicii’s laptop got stolen during a break-in at his Ibiza home, causing the project to be lost.

Nevertheless, this did not stop Tim and Mike from collaborating numerous times. Avicii constantly sent Posner instrumentals so he could write for them. For those hardcore Avicii and Mike Posner fans, you might know of the ‘Change A Thang’ leak. We will continue to wait and see if one day we may get more unreleased Avicii music. For now, we can enjoy his legacy and the low-quality IDs from his last sets.


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