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When someone thinks about unreleased Avicii music, a great majority of people will think of 'Stay With You' featuring Mike Posner. Undoubtedly, the combination of Tim's melodic sound and Posner's soothing voice was a match made in heaven. The American artist took to Twitter to reveal that he has a number of unreleased, unfinished collaborations with Avicii. We can help but

Many fans still haven't moved on from the sad passing of Avicii. Others however are hopeful for the future and are eagerly awaiting any new information that surfaces about the wealth of unreleased music that Avicii had left behind.  Nile Rogers revealed how there is at least 10 songs that they recorded together that have yet to be revealed. Ever

The British progressive house entourage Third Party - composed of Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass - Have recently showcased 5 brand new tracks at their monumental Liverpool Olympia show last week. Having released their extremely successful studio album "Hope" in February of 2017, the Progressive House duo have reached new heights in their career. Their record label Release Records has gone on