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Avicii’s parents discuss posthumous album with labels

Many fans still haven’t moved on from the sad passing of Avicii. Others however are hopeful for the future and are eagerly awaiting any new information that surfaces about the wealth of unreleased music that Avicii had left behind.  Nile Rogers revealed how there is at least 10 songs that they recorded together that have yet to be revealed. Ever since fans and followers learned of the mass of unreleased music that Tim had left behind, people wondered what might be planned.

Aloe Blacc spoke with the Daily Star newspaper and stated “There are several songs left. I believe the record label is working with his parents and the estate to find a way to bring these unreleased songs to the public. But for me there’s no rush – I would leave that with his parents”. It can be a hard project trying to figure out how to reckon with the mass catalog of Avicii’s unreleased music. Some might argue it would be best to leave it alone while many other fans would want to see it released. Collectively, many artist managers, label managers, and DJ’s believe that his parents should be left with the final decision on his unreleased music.

Whatever the decision may be it would be best to take careful consideration to the way his unreleased music is showcased. It would be a shame to exploit his work in order to profit others. The main goal should be to highlight his legacy and enjoy his music.