San Holo – staring at the sea without you next to me (ft. ILIVEHERE.)

If you’ve been following San Holo, you’ll know that some weeks ago he embarked on a unique musical project called Stay Vibrant. Titled as an ever-expanding music collection/playlist, he started it when the lockdown hit Europe, as a way to communicate his emotions and keep himself sane in the best way he knew how. Dealing with so much drastic change in the world at once isn’t an easy thing to deal with, and he found himself needing to express himself through weekly releases. Showing a deeply personal side to his emotions and music production, he has just announced that this latest track will be the last weekly release now, with the need to express himself through weekly releases fading. Picking it back up whenever he feels the need to, he’s closed it out (for now) in a very beautiful way.

‘staring at the sea without you next to me’ features fellow bitbird label artist ILIVEHERE. (real name Tim Biesta) who has not only been a close collaborator of San’s over the years but a close friend too. With ILIVEHERE. and San Holo’s musical styles complimenting each other beautifully, it’s a stunning track to say the least.

Wanting this track to sound like the waves of the sea, it does exactly that. With a melody that’s brought gently in and out exactly like how the waves of the sea move, it’s an extremely unique track that deserves to have full attention paid to it for the entire five minute duration. the simplicity yet also complexity of the track is what makes it such a strong production, and a perfect closer to what is a stunning collection of deeply personal tracks. San Holo and ILIVEHERE. have proven that they are a dream team together.

You can listen to ‘staring at the sea without you next to me’ by San Holo and ILIVEHERE. below, and make sure to check out all the past songs here.


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