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7 plugins currently used by Chris Lake

Chris Lake is certainly one of the most colorful representatives of the house and tech-house scene of recent years. His production vision, creativity, and ability to create catchy vibe songs that stay in our minds for months or even years after a single listening, make him an extremely respected and recognizable figure in the electronic music world. This is confirmed by the songs Turn Off The Lights, Free Your Body or I Want You, the incredible success of the joint project with Chris Lorenzo, Anti Up, and the number of concerts played around the world in recent years, including the legendary ones, during which he shared the stage with Fisher. Taking the opportunity that Chris started a series of streams called Monday Night Production in recent weeks, we have prepared a list of 7 plugins used by Chris Lake to create his amazing tracks. Also, don’t forget to check out our Plugins & Sample Pack Charts where we list the best alternatives in each category.

7 plugins used by Chris Lake:

1. u-he Repro – €154.00

2. Native Instruments Massive – €149.00

3. Arturia Pigments – €203.97

4. soundtoys Little AlterBoy$99.00

5. Spectrasonics Omnisphere$499.00

6. Rob Papen SumBoomBass – €90.94

7. Native Instruments Massive X – €149.00 – €199.00

Read a short description and watch introductions about all of these plugins used by Chris Lake and at the end of the list you will find a small bonus for you!

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1. u-he Repro – €154.00

Repro jumps into the past for simple motivation, carefully demonstrating two celebrated synthesizers. Everything about the first was caught utilizing segment level demonstrating innovation to make the most valid model conceivable. All the unobtrusive qualities and idiosyncrasies found in the firsts are available in Repro. One item, one installer, two synths – Repro-1 and Repro-5. Repro-1 is a fierce monosynth and Repro-5 is the new polyphonic addition.



2. Native Instruments Massive – €149.00

This synth is definition of bass music, but as you can see it’s used by the best producers from all electronic music genres, Chris Lake too. Massive is a sonic beast – a definitive synth for basses and leads. The virtual-simple idea gives a false representation of the contemporary, bleeding edge sound it produces. Plainly spread out and simple to utilize, Massive gives you earth-shivering sounds from the absolute first note.



3. Arturia Pigments – €203.97

Pigments includes a twin sound motor, letting you blend virtual simple and wavetable oscillators in with an example motor to make the ideal beginning stage for your patch. You can even transform wavetables, granularize tests, and import your own sounds to twist and distort. It’s a colossally ground-breaking wavetable and virtual simple programming synthesizer



4. Soundtoys Little AlterBoy$99.00

Little AlterBoy is a monophonic voice controller, it’s a device for sensational voice adjustment. Utilizing this module you can change the pitch of a voice, change the artist’s sex with formant moving, control the vocal’s tune utilizing MIDI for the inventive vocoder or get that “hard tune” impact heard in incalculable hip bounce and pop hits. It’s a tremendously incredible approach to discover new bearings and drive new thoughts.


Walkthrough of Little AlterBoy:


5. Spectrasonics Omnisphere$499.00

Omnisphere is the pioneer synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of exceptional power and flexibility. Module supports an as of late upgraded, significant standard interface with assistance for HiDPI shows and incorporates more than 1,600 new patches made by Eric Persing and the prominent Spectrasonics Sound Development crew. Omnisphere is the primary programming synth on the planet to offer a Hardware Synth Integration feature. This great improvement changes in excess of 65 outstanding hardware synthesizers into expansive hands-on regulators that open Omnisphere’s as of late expanded amalgamation capacities.



6. Rob Papen SumBoomBass – €90.94

SubBoomBass 2 has simple demonstrated waveforms ready and the sound shading extended with new range waveforms, new innovative ‘think out of the box’ top notch tests and presenting Karplus-Strong string synthesis! Plugin features X/Y screen, another example mode for running 4 arrangements, and simply like in Predator 2 it has the simple to utilize Bank Manager with star highlight, so you can rapidly discover and go to your preferred sounds straight away. This instrument is extraordinary for any style of contemporary music.


7. Native Instruments Massive X – €149.00 – €199.00

Reevaluated, revamped, and resurrected – MASSIVE X is the replacement to a notorious synthesizer that helped bring forth whole classifications. Get all that you have to make any stable possible. Rapidly fix complex routings to rejuvenate your thoughts – regardless of how out of sight may appear – and take things farther than you suspected you could with expressive, playable tweak. Think it up, dial it in, and characterize what the future seems like.


And your bonus – three more plugins that showed up during Chris Lake’s Monday Night Production streams:


1. LennarDigital Sylenth1 – €139.00


2. Valhalla Vintage Reverb – $50.00


3. Singomakers Kick Tweak – €35.89


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Information sources: Chris Lake’s Monday Night Production

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