Mark Sixma & Morgan Page – Our Song (Ørjan Nilsen Remix)

Ørjan Nilsen is back with another iconic trance remix, this time of the recent Mark Sixma and Morgan Page hit ‘Our Song’.

Out now under the iconic Armarda Music label, Ørjan has worked his magic yet again, crafting another euphoric remix with layers of his finest melodic synth and drum-work. The Norwegian producer has seamlessly transformed the tranquil melodies of the deep house original and added a little extra ‘Nilsen’ energy to ‘Our Song’ to prepare it for any major trance festival/stage around the world. Regardless of whether you listen to this or the original though, this sure is one of the most uplifting releases of the the year as the mesmerising vocals drive the track forward and are sure to get stuck in your head all year long.

The track lands as Ørjan’s third major remix of the year, following up his pumping remix of BLR‘s ‘Take Me Higher’ and his rework of ‘Destination’ from Tyron Dixon and Kris Kiss. The remixes line-up in between a handful of incredible originals release this year too, with notable work on ‘U Gotta’, ‘Re-Election’ and ‘Instinct’.

If you need something to cheer you up or inspire you at the moment, the Ørjan Nilsen remix of ‘Our Song’ is definitely for you, check it out below!


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