Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson unleashes unreleased live edit of ‘Shepherdess’

For Porter Robinson fans, August 12 is a musical holiday as it is the anniversary of his highly-acclaimed album ‘Worlds.’ For the sixth anniversary this year, Porter released his 2016 live edit of ‘Shepherdess‘.

Porter first debuted the ‘She Heals Everything‘ live edit of the unreleased ‘Shepherdess‘ at Electric Forest 2016. Many fans were expecting to see ‘Shepherdess’ in Porter’s upcoming album Nurture; however, Porter decided to release the live edit as a free download. The live edit recalls the young artistic years of Porter Robinson while adding a Worlds-era touch that will have fans captivated. Robinson is known for his jaw-dropping sets as he is always playing out alternate versions of his music. As we see, ‘Shepherdess‘ is no exception. Moreover, Porter teased his fans that for the tenth anniversary, he would release an exclusive track:

August 2024 cannot come soon enough, as anything Porter produces is guaranteed to be phenomenal. You have to wonder how many more unreleased edits will the Grammy-nominated producer will release? The timeless ‘Worlds‘ album keeps giving fruits and will for many years to come. Make sure you check out the ‘Shepherdess (She Heals Everything Edit)‘ down below as it is available for download.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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