Digitalism drop brilliant brand new EP ‘Reality 2’: Listen

Less than a year after releasing ‘JPEG‘, Digitalism surprises us with a new album: ‘Reality 2′. For all those who still consider their first work the most memorable, this EP can be a pleasant surprise. Released on 2 October, this 5-track album is a true menu of musical flavours.

If it is true that Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci‘s pairing was the result of chance, the truth is that their work is not. Extravagant, amusing, eclectic, and timeless. These are the qualities that we can find in all Digitalism tracks and that allows even their first works to continue to make perfect sense in clubs today (if they were open). Not only do their tracks have no age, but they can also be enjoyed by all generations, and that is perhaps the most important characteristic in Digitalism.

These performances were pioneers in their approach to electronic music. Their most successful mission was the perfect and symbiotic combination of styles, where rock, indie, and EDM fit. The result of this recipe is hybrid melodies, which is a perfect fit for the dance floor or just to enjoy.

The German electro duo surprised everyone with ‘Zdarlight’, marking the dance music with its unusual and irresistible sounds. This new work may well dethrone the iconic track.

The Digitalism journey has already stopped at good places like Kitsuné and has now docked at Gerd Jansen‘s Running Back. Remember that Gerd, before this interesting invitation had already remixed the duo’s ‘Destination Breakdown’ in 2016.

Reality 2 is a box of chocolates, choose one and discover the taste. ‘Reality 2‘: swing and elegance of the typical sounds of disco, without lacking the classic dramatic keyboards. Without a doubt, a good dance partner. ‘Trans Global Ltd‘: full of beats and more funky rhythm, is moderately seasoned with a refined EDM feeling. ‘Flash Forward‘: perhaps the most mature of all, it makes us move to the beats of a colourful and space techno. ‘Promises’: if the names Drive and Kavinsky are familiar, you will surely pick up those signature sounds on this track. In two words, deep and engaging. ‘Visuals’: a delicate and nice electronic ballad. A jovial and light melody that promotes the most innocent dreams.

To summarize this story of five chapters, Digitalism marks the beginning of this month with a release that promises to be a hymn of euphoria and joy. Meloromantic and spirited melodies to make our soul travel, while the body cannot. It would be a great pleasure to discover this album live, in front of the duo and their pyramid of lights. You can now listen below.

Image Credit: Digitalism (via Facebook)