Mike Dean Gainstation 2

Mike Dean’s first plugin called ‘Gainstation’ is now available

Michael George Dean is an American Hip-Hop producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Texas. He became widely known for pioneering the Dirty South sound in the ’90s but quickly became famous for recording and mixing songs for the biggest artists in the Hip-Hop industry such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Desiigner, Drake, and The Weekend. All of his knowledge and experience have been brought together in one plugin. The plugin is now released and the occasion of Black Friday marks the launch of the plugin

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The distortion plugin comes out as a collaboration with Acustica Audio, Studio DMI & Luca Pretolesi. Run your standard snare through Gainstation and all of the built-in tubes & transistors will add not only a few harmonics but also crush your sound turning it into a completely new sound. Every sound running through this plugin gets the distortion it needs to cut through the mix or to stand out from the rest. Containing 8 knobs talking about the input gain, pre-AMP, bass, air, spread, clipper, routing, and output gain to maintain a clear overview. These important features will make sure you can widen your claps, clip your bass, add vintage air to your synths, run your kicks through a pre-AMP, and route every sound through a different order of processing. Currently priced at an introductory price of €74,50 (50% off), you can purchase the plugin via the button down below.



You can have a sneak peek at Mike Dean’s newest plugin called Gainstation in the video below & also don’t forget to check out our complete segment where we bring out the best deals on everything related to music production here: Black Friday Mega Deals 2020.

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