Robbie Williams will open a club ‘a bit like Berghain’

Robbie Williams plans to get into the club scene, opening a multi-functioning club and art gallery ‘a bit like Berghain’. According to Der Spiegel, the British pop star wants to open a music venue in Berlin to pursue a brand-new and ambitious project. 25 years after leaving the legendary boyband Take That, Robbie Williams is back and planning some extraordinary things in the German capital.

In a statement to the German Press Agency the 90’s ‘Rock DJ’ said that:

‘I’m going to start a band and be a DJ and want to rent space in Berlin, a gallery with my art, and in the evening it will be a club – a bit like Berghain.’

In a live session on Instagram, Robbie Williams revealed that he plans to team up with Australian songwriters and producers Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. Although the project has no name known yet, the first songs are ready. The pandemic had delayed the development of the project that, as explained by Robbie, could also work in Tokyo. During the live, the pop star also explained the concept that he has in mind:

‘It will be a musical place, something that the old people will call a rave’.

Further details such as the opening date of this new venue are yet to be revealed. All that is required is to keep an eye on the news and follow developments closely. We remind you that, due to the coronavirus crisis, the iconic Berlin club Berghain re-opened as an art gallery. Will we have two similar projects in Berlin? Let’s wait for the comparison between the techno palace and the embassy of the Rock DJ!


Photo by Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash