Daft Punk

Artists react to Daft Punk split

News of Daft Punk announcing their split via their YouTube channel after 28 years has sent shockwaves through the music industry, and it will never fully recover from it. Leaving robot helmet shaped holes in the very heart of the industry, it’s no secret that many of our favourite producers were inspired directly by the duo in one way or another, and many are taking to social media to share their thoughts on the devastating news.

Porter Robinson

It’s no secret that Porter Robinson cites Daft Punk as one of his biggest inspirations, frequently playing their tracks in his DJ sets and sharing his love for the French duo. Stating that every stage of his live would have gone extremely differently if it wasn’t for them, it’s safe to say he wouldn’t be where he is without them.


Also being a French electronic artist, it’s no wonder as to why Madeon holds Daft Punk extremely close to his heart. Posting a note about the news, he stated that ‘Daft punk is my favourite thing to talk about’ and ‘Their songs became diaries, I kept them close and i’ve been attaching new memories to them at every chapter of my life.’. Also treasuring his Alive 2007 concert tickets, they were his very first live concert experience. In another tweet, he even said that Porter Robinson had kindly called him up to break the news to him.


Rightfully calling them legends, Alesso’s tweet proves that their music hit every corner of the music world.

Zane Lowe

Apple Music presenter Zane Lowe even played out a lot of Daft Punk music on the radio to celebrate their legacy.


Hitting Disclosure hard, they opened up about how the duo were their inspirations, and that they had gained a lot of knowledge from them over the years.

Dillon Francis

Being one of the lucky people that had gotten the chance to witness the spectacle that is a Daft Punk performance, Dillon Francis had been a fan of them for a long time, finding their music on Cartoon Network, which goes to show just how much of an impact they had on the world’s media.

Many others have also taken to tweeting out their thoughts about the situation, as we can see below.

As we know, Daft Punk’s legacy is undeniable, and it is hard to find any person in the music industry (and even film industry, considering how they have made films and have also created the soundtrack for ‘Tron: Legacy’) who hasn’t been touched by their music.

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