Berlin police sent to shut down ‘200 person rave’, ends up being Facebook live-stream

With Berlin clubs being shut since last April due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, police were shocked when there were reports of a large party taking place at the Magdalena Club, one of the cities many nightclubs. Suspicions were raised when a woman called Berlin’s emergency 110 number at around 9:30pm on Saturday night, claiming the club was hosting a party of over 200 people and live-streamed over social media.

Due to the claims, police quickly gathered and sent officers with the intent to control the large crowd of party-goers to the club which is located in the Friedrichshain region of Berlin. Upon arrival, although hearing muffled loud-sounding bass from outside, looking through the windows, it didn’t exactly indicate a large gathering was in progress. Continuing to investigate, the officers managed to enter the club where they discovered ‘the party’ was actually an internet live-stream. No party-goers were present apart from the DJ performing, along with the crew who were running the stream.

Somehow, the women mistakenly assumed the roughly 200+ viewers of a Facebook live-stream to be actual attendees at the venue. However, the truth is it’s most likely they were all enjoying the music from the comfort of their own homes. After this discovery, police left the scene and allowed the live-stream, which was celebrating the Magdalena club’s ninth anniversary to continue, where celebrations continued till 4am that same night.

Berlin Club Commission stated that nightlife won’t be back in full until the end of 2022, however, with vaccinations taking place and Covid-19 Cases dropping in Germany, we can only hope that the Magdalena club will be open soon and the club’s 10th anniversary is a little more normal.

if you want to watch the Magdalena club’s anniversary live-stream, make sure you check it out here on Facebook.

Image Credit: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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