Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan set to drop powerful techno EP titled ‘Challenge’: Listen

Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan teamed up to deliver two high-quality techno productions on their brand-new EP ‘Challenger’. This majestic work is available to pre-order on Beatport and will be released on March 1, via Truesoul, Drumcode Records’ sub-label. Pairings of this level are always welcomed with much bliss because when two heavyweight names in techno come together, the result can only be spectacular.

Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan are two very important names in the history of techno and have helped write its best chapters in the last twenty years. Tresher grew up surrounded by the raw, industrial and strong sounds of German techno and has designed his career with focus, precision and an unmatched mastery. In 2008 the name Gregor Tresher gained a position of even greater respect after the release of ‘A Thousand Nights‘. The track immediately stood out for its beauty, which did not leave the industry indifferent, reaching the place of best-selling techno track on Beatport that year. Gregor Tresher has been moving around major labels over the years, having a very special place on Cocoon Recordings, who included him on their latest anniversary compilation.

Pig&Dan, interestingly, also has a number one spot on Beatport’s techno chart and a place on Cocoon‘s twentieth-anniversary compilation. This duo was formed in Mallorca and has been spreading its talent on the techno scene, displaying an enviable catalogue of successes.

This pairing of weight has garnered attention separately from Adam Beyer, both on the famed Drumcode and also with Truesoul. We have to agree that Adam has an eye for good music, as this collaborative EP is impressive. ‘Challenger’ is the two-track album that marks the debut of the connection between these artists and was born during last year’s lockdown. ‘Granular‘ is the track that comes first. It’s a melodic and atmospheric track, carved with a sophisticated and futuristic rhythm, sounding like a soundtrack from a sci-fi movie. ‘Granular’ is galactic, immersive and elegant, blending a delicate yet filled melody with glistering synths. ‘Challenger‘ is the album’s title track and presents itself with a punchier and more progressive cadence. Through intricate and refined sounds, it builds a tight tension that culminates in outer space.

The refined sound of this EP reflects the quality of these musical tailors, who now tie the knot. The maturity and quality of Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan is garish in this first collaboration. We’re left hoping that this is the start of something to repeat. Put on your spacesuit and get ready to go into orbit with this tasteful techno treat.


Image Credit: Jordi Cervera / Provided by The Echo Agency