Lollapalooza’s founder Perry Farrell is optimistic for 2021 events

Lollapalooza is one of the most acclaimed in the world and takes place in several countries across the globe, featuring starstudded lineups. The question on everyone’s mind as of late though is whether the festivals will be taking place this year. Our question may have been answered as the founder of the festival Perry Farrell recently took to Twitter to send eager festival-goers a glimmer of hope and possibly hinted the festival would be back in Chicago this year. The 20-second video sees Farrell explaining that he has been newly vaccinated before showing off his vaccination receipt, claiming it was his “license to party”. Before the short video ended he gave hope to us all by saying he would see us at Lollapalooza soon.

Last year, like most of the festivals in the world, Lollapalooza in many countries was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was replaced with a digital version featuring new live-streamed performances alongside throwbacks of the best performances of previous years. The Chicago edition is currently scheduled to take place July 30 till August 2, however not stating when or which Lollapalooza Farrell would see us at, it should be noted many of the other editions of the festival have already been postponed till later in the year such as the edition in São Paulo.

In a follow-up tweet a few days later, Farrell added he was “inspired by the moment” and urged his followers to continue to wear masks, social distance and get vaccinated as soon as they can, which was sure to humble peoples excitement. However, the vaccination programme in the United States is currently going extremely well so we hope Lollapalooza Chicago and the editions in several other countries can take place on their scheduled dates.


Image Credit: Lollapalooza Berlin (via Facebook)

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