New ZHU music dropping Friday as he teases new album release date

Since ZHU announced the arrival of his upcoming third album over a year ago now, we had been short of any clues as to when it might actually be released.

For rather obvious reasons, the American producer may have decided to delay the release we originally believed was due in 2020 with all that has happened in the world since then. After declaring that his album is now complete last week, we not only finally have some fresh information on when LP number three might drop, but we are also due mouth-watering new ZHU music as soon as this Friday!

Fans will have to wait only a matter of days to hear his new track alongside YUNA entitled ‘Sky Is Crying’. With festivals sparse right now, we haven’t had any hints as to what this might actually sound like yet, so it will be interesting to hear what direction he is headed with regards to new music come Friday.

As for the upcoming album, a reddit user recently noticed that a vinyl edition of ‘LP3’ had appeared on ZHU’s official merchandise store, with the bizarre price tag of $430.21. With that seeming utterly ridiculous, it doesn’t seem as such when you actually decipher that it could be a hint at the release date of April 30th, 2021. The unnamed album is unavailable for purchase too, with the line ‘Coming soon’ below it if you attempt to buy it.

Upon release, this album is set to be his third with the 31-year-old previously releasing stand-out studio albums ‘Ringos Desert’ in 2018 and ‘Generationwhy’ in 2016. Fans are especially excited to see whether any new collaborations are in store for them, as he also previously paired up with huge names such as Bob Moses for the track Desire and DJ Snake for the summer hit No More,


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